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for sasha & max.

for sasha & max.

When Sasha and Max, friends and fellow dancers at San Francisco Ballet, reached out to me in need of a round, dining room table to nestle into the corner of their gorgeous apartment downtown, I couldn't wait to get to work! And it just so happened that I already owned the exact piece they were hoping to find, a 48 inch round with additional leafs for extra guests.
   This piece was so special. Being able to pass on this table, filled with all the memories Ray and I had created, made me excited for all the moments Sasha and Max were going to create together once it belonged to them.

 Sasha and I shared a wonderful conversation about the beauty of 'home', a space that serves you and your story. We both believe in filling our homes with pieces that have the ability to bring back memories. And I love how Sasha and Max have filled their space with those kinds of items. Pieces that give joy.

So here it is! The before. And wow, I won't ever forget the day Ray and I picked up this one..

Friends, whenever you are planning on getting furniture, remember to measure your trunk! Often, I find myself so excited over a piece, that I neglect to consider that it may not fit in the back of my Toyota Prius, which is exactly what happened when Ray & I went to pick up this dining room table the summer of 2015. 
But thank goodness for great friends!! Two of our best friends just so happened to be at Beach Chalet, a 5 minute drive from where we were picking up this table. Stevens trunk is way bigger than mine, thank goodness. That afternoon, Steven & Sean graciously left Beach Chalet, put this table top in the back of Steven's trunk, and dropped it off at our apartment. Naturally, the least Ray and I could do was thank them 100 times over and say "lunch is on us".

Now, when making this table unique for Sasha and Max, I considered what they already had in their space. Their apartment is full of industrial and weathered wood pieces, so I wanted to make sure this table was a cohesive fit. Also, their apartment is full of gorgeous natural light, so I went with layers of paint to bring out the dimension when natural light falls upon the piece. Washes of Annie Sloan's Honfleur, Cocoa, and French Linen on top of my Ochre painted base.

And the stamp of completion! A furniture tag designed by the one and only, Anne of ancypants. She does custom stamped charms, tags, and labels on Etsy! AND she just so happens to be from my hometown, Irvine, CA. How wonderful is that? Be sure to check out her site here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ancypants

A huge thank you to Sasha and Max.
Thank you for continuously supporting renove and allowing me the joy of painting a piece for both of you! xx

And thank you Steven! For coming to the rescue yet again, picking this piece up and taking it to its new home. You are the best.

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navy & gold